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ClearVision Displays is offering a page with six cells to store coins while enhancing they're access and viewing along with two methods of storing the pages. 

Below "Prestige Page" you will see the storage page, the "Prestige Wooden Book. 





























ClearVision Displays Explained


“ClearVision Displays” presents the first display and storage product for all of your Certified Coins! Made in the USA of USA materials and with USA labor, this unique storage system is patent pending in the US and international protections processes are underway. The uniqueness of this product and the need it fills among the worldwide collector community will be the standard product for displaying and distributing certified coins, globally. It is easy to free your Certified Coins from their dark, hidden, dusty storage boxes and place them in a ClearVision Displays' Bound Book” filled with from 1 to 6 of our "ClearVision Storage and Displays Pages". Pages hold up to six pages (36 coins). Your choice for books and pages enables you to build your own version of our new standard ClearVision Displays products.


We are quite proud of our book bound pages. First the book includes multiples of our six-cell transparent mounting page, unique among all methods of storing and displaying coins to maximize the enjoyment of the collector. Along with the six-cell page, the book itself is included in our Pending Patent. It is also unique not only in function but also to the eye, combining our six-cell pages, light weight wooden covers with available etching, and all held together with visible stainless-steel hinges secured with both powerful adhesives and a combination of barrel and machine screws for reinforcement. The book with its pages is intended to function as described but importantly to stand as Industrial Art


Yes, finally a product that will hold your Certified and Sealed Coins in a Display and Storage system that will present your coins in a book format of clear, hard plastic pages, in which the coins will be held in place by six soft translucent grippers. The translucent soft plastic grippers enable the cells that combine storage and viewing to host NGC, PCGS, ANACS, and ICG. Turning a page will show you clear, uninterrupted views of obverse and reverse sides of your slabbed coins depending upon how you have them mounted.


The cells place no additional plastic between your eye and the sealed Certified Coin. Imagine … you open the book’s cover and you see the obverse of your coins in all of their sparkling glory, as if they were floating in space. Turn the page and on the left you see the brilliance of the reverse of the coins on page 1 … and on the right the obverse of the coins on page 2, and so on until the last page.


 In the past when you acquired an addition to your collection, typically you had a brief interlude to hold it and admire it. Perhaps you even have a picture on your phone or on a grading firm's website, but time runs out and soon you have to put it away into one of the many available wooden or plastic boxes of various shapes and sizes. Typically, the amount of chaos in your collection depends on its size.  Even if you have arranged your coins neatly in boxes, perhaps you can only guess which box, or which coin is the one you want to see. You pull them out one at a time and hopefully find the coin of interest, and then put it in its box and put the box away, again.


Future ClearVision


In the first half of 2024, ClearVision will make an Excel "workbook" available. It will be tailored to capture all of your coins' characteristics and the specific book and page locations of your coins. It will act as an up-loadable data source for an App planned for late 2024 that will run on your PC, cell phone, and Pad devices.  The App is planned to be expanded to hold an inventory of all of your valuables and their provenance.


Thinking of everything, we have designed not only the individual pages (sold separately) but the books, to fit inside a 10” x 10” safety deposit box or to be put away in a private vault or safe, stacked vertically or horizontally to maximize the use of space. Additionally, each cell even has its own bespoke display area just above the coin for you to add additional comments.

ClearVision "ClearVision Multi-Page Book"

The Prestige Wooden book comes in sizes from two to six pages for a maximum total of thirty-six certified coins in each book. There is an optional genuine leather spine cover adding an impressive antique look to your treasured numismatic possessions.

Single Stackable Pages

Stackable pages for your use in whatever flexible ways that fits your available space. Each page has two hard wood handles, buffed with rounded edges. The handles are slightly thicker than the page and the grippers to further protect your slabbed coins from potential friction.

Sample Product Photos:

Pictures of our current product offerings:

Our Original Flyer!

We have been happily enthusiastic about our new products and wish to share with you an artifact held by the firm. As collectors, ourselves, we find the product to be the solution to the viewing and storing problems we faced. Starting in January 2024, all verified customers will be able to download a free "workbook" that will allow you to capture important information about your coins. The workbook will be able to be uploaded into an App that we intend to release before the end of 2024.

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