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Own the Standard Solution to Organizing, Storing, Displaying, and Viewing your Certified Coins. Certified Coins from the top five graders fit in any Display Cell; Stop the Chaos!!





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An FYI - How are my Certified Coins secured?    See how 6 "grippers" keep everything in place  in this photo!  

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We had a great time at the: NH Coin & Currency Expo 

We met a some wonderful people and introduced our products at the Expo. We sold some product and created the first public showing of our products that we hope will become the standard for organizing, storing, and displaying certified coins. The Expo was held at the DoubleTree by Hilton Manchester Downtown (700 Elm St) on October 27-28, 2023

Go to their website: http://www.ebwpromotions.com

Mounting Certified Coins

Our next show: Florida United Numismatists (FUN)
The Fun Show, Jan 4-7 2024

Highly Engineered and Customer Friendly Products for Collectors of Certified Coins

The founder of our family-run business, founded in 1984, has been a coin collector since 1957. We are now introducing our new product described in previous sections. We anticipate a great opportunity to meet members of the Florida United Numismatists and individual collectors at the FUN show in Orlando, FL.

Website for the FUN Show: 



About Us

Who we are:

ClearVision Displays (CVD) is a New Hampshire based Division of Radix Information, Technologies, Inc., also a NH firm. We are dedicated to providing solutions and products of the highest quality that deliver significant value, invention, and innovation.

ClearVision Displays provides a new significant solution to viewing, storing, and organizing your certified coins in their plastic holders. The holders, with their high value coins are mounted on a stiffened plastic page, held in place in individual cells, of which there are six per page. There is no plastic that covers your collectibles ... providing a clear view of your coins, both the obverse and reverse. The pages are available individually or mounted in books. The low-cost book mounting option uses our custom-made D-Ring binders. These binders are widened to accommodate the length of the CVD certified collectibles pages and covered in a brown faux leather.

The preferred offering is the "Book of Brilliance" that uses lite wooden covers and steel hinges that securely holds your numismatic treasures. The wooden covers are to hold and protect your treasured coins. At additional cost, the spine of the "wooden" book can be covered and illuminated by a hand tooled leather spine cover with horizontal ribs and golden highlights.

These offerings are so unique that a patent is pending on both the book and page that holds your coins securely in their cells.

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End Certified Coin Collection Chaos! 
Stop the Madness!

Organize, Store, and view your Certified Numismatic Treasures!

Made in the USA in American factories, with American materials, and with American Labor ... as far as possible.

Our firm is committed to creating jobs in the USA. The screws and the metal part of the D-Ring binders are sourced from USA firms but made offshore, all other parts, and the bulk of the value is not contained in either the screws or the D-Ring binder. We are looking for a domestic manufacturer of both items. The covers are made from lightweight birch and the hinges are stainless steel.

Inventory App planned for 2024.

Verified customers will be eligible to download a free App that will track their Certified Coins and other valuables. In early 2024 customers will be able to capture the information on the coins then upload that data to the App, when available.

You have the pride of ownership but seldom see your Certified Treasures. Those days are over.

Your Certified coins are now organized into attractive books that facilitate viewing of your Numismatic valuables. Storage and unimpeded viewing are combined in one solution!

Fits into a 10x10 Safety Deposit Box

Our products were designed with six unique "grippers" to hold your certified coins, including NGC, PCGS, ANACS, and ICG,  firmly in place. 

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It is our intention to provide the highest level of customer support and customer satisfaction.

Our On-Line name is "ClearVision Displays".



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